27 Juni 2005

Koneksi Internet kampus

Ada satu hal yang gw catat sehubungan dengan koneksi internet kampus pada malam hari.
Pada hari senin-jumat,
- viewing web page lumayan cepet
- koneksi sering putus -.-;
- download itu berkisar 3-4 KB/s per thread download

20 Juni 2005


Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam
et lingua eius loquetur iudicium
Beatus vir qui suffert tentanionem
Quoniam cum probatus fuerit
Accipiet coronam vitae
Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison
Oh quam, sancta
Quam serena
Quam benigna
Quam amoena
Oh castitatis lilium

16 Juni 2005

Some things


By Mayo Clinic staff


When you or your children aren't feeling well, one of the first things you may do is check for a fever. Although a fever isn't an illness itself, it's usually a sign that something's going on in your body. Yet fevers aren't necessarily bad. In fact, they seem to play a key role in helping your body fight off a number of bacterial and viral infections.