11 November 2009

Productivity Tips

A copy-and-paste from this blog.

General Office Productivity Tips:

It comes down to inertia and momentum.
  • Understand the problem. It is very easy to avoid work you do not understand well enough to solve.
  • Break it down. Break the larger problem into smaller problems that conceptually you understand and can tackle.
  • Review milestones. They are closer than you might think, and it can be a good kick in the pants to think “I have to get this feature done by Thursday” instead of “I have to get this all done in three months”.
  • Prioritization. Do not starve a high priority feature for lack of understanding to feed a low priority feature you know like the back of your hand.
  • Just do it. Attack the problem, no matter how feeble the attempt. Even if you throw out the work, it increases your understanding. It is better try fail than to waste time on something unrelated. Like writing a blog post or checking the InterWeb. LIKE YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW.
  • Go for a walk. Can’t focus? Get away from your desk and stimulate the blood flow to your brain. A change of scenery can unplug a mental block.