07 Juni 2006

What if...

I've just watch v for vendetta.... well, a little late, isn't it?
But anyway, the idea that v wants to deliver is really buggin' my mind...
What if all i know now is what other people want me to know?
What if your government hide something? what if your Reverend or Bishop hide something?
What if the religion you are in are being used? It's all in the name of religion?
Can you still believe your Reverend if he/she also stands in political field?

What really happended in G 30 S PKI riot?
V for vendetta gives you a stab right through the heart, dear my friends that have religion (which means almost everyone), because there's one absolute thing in all religion:
"This is the right one, the others are false"

Jem said
"Who made up all the rules?
We follow them just like fools.."

I found that the translation of Bible in Indonesian doesn't really match with the Bible such as in King James version, and sometimes i found it very annoying, because a different translation could make a very different view.
I found that the "muqqadima", an opening chapter in Indonesian version Koran (not the Koran, remember) is filled with one-eye judgement of other religions.

In the end good thing happens to people that has power, because the ending in v for vendetta only happens in an ideal world.
In the end I sometimes become a pragmatist idealist.... and atheist. Sometimes I cannot trust people anymore.

In the darkness age, corrupted people reigns in the Church. Killing people that protest them "in the name of Jesus" is allowed back then. Galileo was sentenced death by saying that sun is the centre of the universe. They said "He went against Holy Scripture." Who said it again? They.
Mohammed seems can't think of any ways to save widows and smart child from evil other than marry them. Jihad is seems to be a hobby too, because 72 virgins awaits you in heaven. "Boom! Headshot! Oh yess I got 72 virgins!" You still think of having virgins after you died? What the...

Can you still believe in the content of a book that they claimed?

Christianity is not a religion, fyi. I'm not believing Jesus as my savior from having to go to church every sunday. I believe in Him because of my private encounter with Him. That's all. When I said that I believe in Jesus, doesn't mean that I have a religion.

But then they said that in order to believe Jesus you have to believe that I must believe in Bible.
Who said that again? They did.
Well, can you give me the real translation of the original one? Not the one with any "penghalusan bahasa" or any other bull sh*t of your own thinking, dear orang-orang-di-departemen-agama?

Aahh, this is what will happen if you poison short-minded people. :P

Sometimes i got really annoyed when I was in "pelayanan", some people just saying "What if we don't get enough money to make the event?"

I don't say that they lack of faith about "Yesus pasti menolong", but what I really think is,
Why do they don't afraid of this thing
"What if the people that got here tomorrow won't really have a private encounter with God?"

All they care is about having enough money to make a big event.
Dear friends, it is the event that will be in their heart, not the God.

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kunderemp mengatakan...

> I found that the translation of Bible
> in Indonesian doesn't really match
> with
> the Bible such as in King James
> version, and sometimes i found it
> very
> annoying, because a different
> translation could make a very
> different
> view.

Do what I do..
Learn the original language (never trust the translation) which in your case: Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew.

Until you master them, open your heart to any criticism and any translation no matter how controversies it is. Never defend your opinion until you know you're correct and you have knowledge about it (you showed me once in this blog and I really respect that).

I almost become atheist (it's true..) but then I realize, if there is God who created the whole Universe, it would be ungrateful not to believe Him. Then I chose to still believe in Him, even if He never exist in the place, to motivate me doing good thing.

I believe God will guide us and have mercy to us if we choose the wrong direction due to our lack of knowledge after we try to understand what He want from us. (Funny.. contradicting with common view from Muslim [even until know I still questioned the term "Muslim"], there are verses in Quran which stated the same thing as what I believe [2:62, 5:69, 22:17])

about Jihad, let me defend my position by giving
this article (the myth of 72 virgins is unQuranic and don't have any relation with Jihad... Hey, we also have conspiracy theory in History of Early Muslim and believe me, sometimes it makes me uneasy)