31 Juli 2006

I'm Thinking....

Of quitting one of the jobs I have right now.
The one in Pondok Indah.


1. My 2 brothers and my bros girls ain't agree for me being work. They wanna see me graduate first. Well, they have their point. I don't really know whether I could finish my college if I work like this. Anyway, on the contrary, my sister is really glad that I worked. Well, of course, because she doesn't have to send me any money now that I work.
2. The workplace is a holy-sh*t smokey place. This is my main reason. Got a headache, my eyes are getting red, my shirts are smell, and yes, I think you all already know that I HATE CIGARETTE, THE SMELL, ALL OF IT. My boss said that he will provide a non-smokers room, if there are 4 more programmers in. Well, looks like my head, body and shirt can't wait that long...

Dunno, it's too bad, because the people here are actually nice :( I think I'll try to get back to this company once I graduated AND there is a non-smokers room.

What? Money? It's useless if you got lung cancer, or a headache everyday, or smelly shirts that makes you wanna puke.

I'm currently thinking of being a mentor again. Well, my students, they are not the nicest students in the world, but they are nice :) And of course, not smokers.

About the one in Ametis,
I'm still thinking whether to also quit or not.

Anyway, I need you opinions, pals.

2 komentar:

mahli mengatakan...

u know what i'd say. dgn lingkungan kerja yg lu gambarkan, gw hampir pasti akan menolak utk bekerja di situ pada saat datang ke sana pertama kali. but then again, gw gak tau lu punya berapa banyak pilihan. tapi yg pasti, sekarang buat daftar prioritas aja dulu. mustinya sih yg paling atas itu antara lulus kuliah, karena poin-nya lumayan besar, dan bertahan hidup.

best wishes, mot :)

pomponette! mengatakan...

kinda agree with ilham. dari jadi tutor aja sebenernya uda cukup lumayan ga si mot? and it's a safe choice lho... considering...LUNG CANCER??? :? well...despite financial concern, if you are being pressed to undertake more work at the cost of your health,then you should take rest and care more for your health rather than for the work...