03 Agustus 2006

Shall We Dance? @ Lido Palace

Last night's event was... fiuh...
Probably because of panic attack, we forgot the dance movements at hour-1 before the game...
Well, manage to remember them again minute-20...

Jadi, kemaren itu bisa dibilang tampil dengan
20% skill dan 80% NEKAT

Almost got crashed with other couples on the dance floor
Well, we manage to stop right before it happened...
Our movements are the very noobs one, and our opponents are in at least medium or advanced level in waltz.. ada yang udah jadi guru lagi huhu...
But NoFear!!! Step up in confidence, took a different start position from other contestants (haha, yes, different position, our waltz coreography has a different start position, that's why we became "mencolok"), smile all the way, the music started, and all I can remember is the almost-got-crashed thing and that the music's over, step down in confidence also (catet: we are the only couple that's still walk in a waltz manner after the music stop... *bangga neh*)

No, of course we didn't win. But yes, last night event was a lot of FUN =) Perform in front of the public, my gut was really tested (and proved! :D). My partner became very very pretty last night (jarang2 gw liat dia cantik huhu =P). We usually got into a little argues when practicing, but there we got in no argues *jarang2 kompak ginih*. Anyway, we got ourselves praised for a couple that can already perform while we hadn't even learn waltz for a one month, and the youngest waltz contestant. There are even people back there that become confused when they know that we didn't win.
"Masuk final kan ya?"
"Ngga, gak lolos kok Pak :)"
"Hah? Masa? Yang bener? Kalian kan bukannya bagus tadi itu yah? Yang stop pas sebelum tabrakan itu kan?"
*cuma manggut2 sambil senyum, dalam hati BANGGA neh :D :D :D*
Dan.... ternyata partner gw SAMA NARSISnya soal poto2, menang gak menang yang penting POTO-POTO (TM)! :D :D :D

Anyway, there's one very interesting event. There's an old grandmother, probably age 70, enter the SALSA*, yes, you're not missread this, salsa competition dance with (probably) her grandson. Man, they are GREAT. The boy, with his funky dress, very hip-hop like (who would dance with ADIDAS sport shoes? =D) become the leader that pointing out where her grandma positions should be while mixing up salsa with hip-hop, resulting in great movements. The grandma, surprisingly for a 70 years old, can move according to the boy's leads and became a match partner for the boy. Eventhough they also didn't win, but the cheers from the audience for salsa competition last night were absolutely theirs. Audience are HISTERICAL. Apalagi pas di akhir, dengan pedenya mereka menutup dengan si nenek menjatuhkan diri dengan gaya kayang (tau kayang? yang kaya mau salto ke belakang itu loh) dan disambut dengan tangan si cowo lalu si nenek berdiri lagi. Gilak, keren abis dah. Four thumbs up for them.

I will upload the contest photos later, after I got the photos from my partner's friend camera :)

Anyway again, thanks for you folks that had cheering me up for this event.

*for those who doesn't know, Salsa is one of the fastest and most difficult dance in Latin section. Latin biasa aja udah susah, apalagi salsa.

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mahli mengatakan...

selamat :) tampaknya prospeknya cerah ;)

Ramot mengatakan...

wah masih belum berpikir untuk serius di bidang ini ham... liat ntar aja deh... lagian gw ikut kan alasan utamanya karena pengen belajar dansa doang :P