25 Agustus 2009

It.... Was... Almost...

nyaris: almost, hair breadth difference, narrowly.
Have you ever being in the situation where you already wait for something/someone/some event to happen and after waiting for sometime it's not there yet and you go with disappointment. But just when you go for a minute, the thing/people/event is there, and you can do nothing and only see it/him/her from afar.

So, I was going to a local grocery store here, and then I waited for the bus to go home. According to the schedule, bus is supposed to be there every hour or so. So I wait.

And I waited.

15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes passed. Well, probably I came just after the previous bus came, so it's a tough luck but let's just wait.

And I waited.

1 hour passed. So for some people who probably doesn't know yet, buses here are pretty strict with schedule. You can check the schedule at Google map website, and the bus will be there according to that schedule, with around 5 minute’s tolerance. Ok, probably something happened. Probably there's a traffic jam.

And I waited.

1 hour 10 minutes passed. Well, I became impatient and thinking of walking to the next bus stop just for wasting time, thinking that it will be long till the bus came. The next bus stop was not that far anyway, I could see it from here, just 2 crossings.

1 hour 20 minutes. No sign of bus at all. OK, I decided, let's go.

And then I crossed the street. And riiiiight after the crossing light (so, here pedestrian is also in a pretty strict rule, no crossing unless the pedestrian crossing light is green)...

There it was. The bus came.
And the pedestrian crossing light was already red.
And the next crossing is also red.
The bus came just right in front of my nose.

And again, the strict rules here forbid bus to stop unless it's on the bus stop. And there it went by... leaving me standing there with mixed feeling…

bye bye bus...


And then I walked home for a good 45 minutes, with groceries in my bag. Well at least I burned my fat.

5 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

jadi inget dgn salah satu program utk anakku: 1 semester ini harus bisa menunggu dgn sabar..

mahli mengatakan...

kalo gw sih milih langsung jalan kaki, tanpa mikir nunggu bus :P

have always done that here :P

Ramot mengatakan...

@vsebayang: kurang sabar apa lagi gue coba >.>

@mahli: yah, groceries nya lumayan bikin pegel ham, trus gue kan perginya pakai bus, dapet tiket, trus tiketnya itu bisa dipakai lagi jadi gratis itu pulangnya, sayang aj gak dipakai udah bayar $1,75 :D

elisabeth mengatakan...

o, dear....

btw, duh, maaf ya mot,....respon pertama ku selesai baca blogmu adalah ketawa terbahak-bahak.... Maap....maap....:D (but still can not stop laugh....sorry,.....)

Ramot mengatakan...

tertawa di atas penderitaan orang lain T_T