15 Juni 2012

Being Objective

I was just browsing around when I found someone twit this news in my timeline:

The title sounds provocative, a man jailed for saying 'God does not exist', so I clicked the link given. After reading the news, turns out that as usual, the title doesn't really depicted the truth happened in the news. There is a man currently being jailed for two and a half years, but the reason he's jailed is because he post insulting and hatred content to his Facebook page, namely sharing a comic strip of Moslem's Prophet, Mohammed, having sex with his servant. He is NOT jailed because he is an atheist.

Now, for anyone who said it is his right to post such things, to really know what it feels to be Moslem in this case, if you're theists, please change Mohammed with your greatest apostle / God, and if you're atheist, change Mohammed with people important and respectable to you, for example, your parents. Now are you going to just let people sharing fake, insulting and hatred things about things that you hold dearly? Even if it is proven true, are you just going to let him, for example, posting a comic strip about your (pardon me) parents have sex with his/her servant in his page? Is that really the form of the freedom of speech?

Of course the answer is a big NO. And this is the main cause of why he is jailed. In his case he actually misused the freedom of speech. This is a big reminder for anyone: your freedom of speech can NOT be used to spread fake, unproven, insulting and hatred news. People can always sue anybody else who spread wrong news and accusations about him/her. In Indonesia, it's called "pencemaran nama baik" (defamation). In this case, Moslem people sue him for Mohammed's defamation.

When I look at the comment section, turns out that most people reading this news, doesn't really read the news. I mean, they still think the title is the true content. Come on people, when you comment, please read everything first. If you don't really understand the news, don't comment. And please, don't just blatantly believe the news title given by media, they are designed specifically just for one thing: attracting you. Most of the time the title ends up giving wrong impression about the news, such as this one. Please be objective of everything happened around you, even if you're not agree with the other party. Hatred, countered with hatred, is the beginning of terrorism, and it will become an unending cycle.

To media, you have a great power to influence people. Please do not misuse it just to get higher reader / watcher rating.

No, I am not a Moslem. I am a Christian in Indonesia. And as you know we are currently experiencing some uncomfortable events caused by extremists. But that will not be the reason for me to hate Islam, or to say religion cause more problem than it solves, because if I agree with such hatred, it will just be the same like, say, people say Christianity or atheism cause more problem than it solves because some Christians or atheists are bullying other people or becoming drugs mafia. Neither of those claims can be justified. So, again, people, please be objective. As much as you want to hate someone, and it seems to be the easier way, it will give you nothing but negative impacts. Patience, tolerance and empathy is the key to be objective, always put yourself in others' position, and don't judge them, you don't really know the whole thing that happened.

Now, eventhough I agree with him getting punishment, I am still hoping that Indonesia's government to also be objective about law enforcement. As stated in the last paragraph, lately there are some extremists that goes violent to force their way of thinking, a lot ends up hurting people. Now, if you're punishing someone that just talks, surely you have to punish people that not only talk but also punches, right?

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