27 Maret 2006


Help! Help! SOS! Emergency condition here! I'm in desperate need of few, well, not quite few, things!

  • My TA to be done >_<
  • My Laporan KP to be done >_<
  • My Proposal Imagine to be done >_<
  • My kegilaan to be ended, I'm fond of doing crazy things, included about doing TA (in term of laziness and santai-ness), doing DoTA (in term of addiction) and also finding my tulangrusukyanghilang (in term of choosing the person.. sigh... whydoihavetostuckwithyou?) *waks* >_<
  • Kendaraan (which is preferably motor) to be used when I mengajar, gile ud cape banget d make bus kemana2 pas ngajar... tapi duitnya dari manaaa? for you who consider that I got quite sum of money in my work, you are relatively wrong. I got money, but only to support myself monthly, ga berlebih dan ga bisa digunakan untuk beli barang mahal seperti motor (bekas sekalipun) >_<
  • Dansa! dansa! dansa!!! Jive is available after chacha! =P

And I'm also thinking of following my other mates, creating a blog to record my TA and KP progresses...

So? Help! Help! Heeelllp.. glub glub blub blub.... (ceritanya tenggelam neh)

3 komentar:

tino mengatakan...

dota = doing TA :D


andin mengatakan...

serius lo abis ini Jive? keren.. susah..

Ramot mengatakan...

@tino: iye bener itu! xD
@ndun: iye bener itu! xD