19 Desember 2009


Forrest Gump said: 'Sh*t happens.'

In my case, when it happens, it happens quite bad >.>
So, I was in hype because I'll go back to Pekanbaru @ 24th.

And now, I found that I has chickenpox.
And this is just the 2nd or 3rd day.
So I still don't know whether I can go to Pekanbaru, but, well, let's at least take refugee to my bro's place @Bogor.

Wait, let's call first...
'Ramot, we're having x-mas children party at the church, but you can come at 5, we'll be home already.

So I arrive at 5.30, just to make sure.


And it's 7 rite now and still no one shows up. I'm locked outside the house.

But anyway, doesn't really matter ^_^

2 komentar:

MoMo mengatakan...

knapa banyak cacar menyerang anak gede?

cepet sembuh mot!

cardepus mengatakan...

Cepet sembuh yah Mot, and have a nice Christmas :)