07 Januari 2010

Drag Me To Laugh xD

Voodoo Doctor: Alamia will still come to take you.
Alison: Take me where?
Voodoo Doctor: *showing a hell-like picture, while cheesy song begin*
Alison: Then how do I got rid of this?
Voodoo Doctor: You can attempt to appease the spirit. The simplest way will be a blood offering, a small creature could be sacrificed. A chicken, perhaps.
Alison: NO WAY! Look! I'm a vegetarian and I volunteered at the puppy shelter for Christ sake, I don't go around killing animals!

This girl really do her volunteer job full-heartedly, no killing animals even at the cost of her life when she's being sought after by some kind of evil spirit. Way to go, girl! xD

And afterwards, she sacrifices her cute little cat pet. O yeah, what a great choice.

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Adji Cynthia mengatakan...

that is.


indigo wine mengatakan...

AGREE... I have no sense of humor whatsoever regarding any joke-wannabe in that movie