28 Juni 2008

So, Off We Go! :D

We (me, Julian, Ahmed from Egypt, Nabeel from Palestine) will engage in a trip around California for this summer vacation week.

The plan is: Fairfield -> Seattle -> San Fransisco -> San Jose -> Las Vegas -> Los Angeles (Hollywood) -> Grand Canyon -> Fairfield.

Most of the time will be spent in car, so I think it is proper to you to know the car. She's a Chevrolet Malibu 2008.

We're lucky to be able to rent it in a very cheap rate, the rate were supposed to be for lower class, but at the time we arrive they only have this car, so they rent it to us without having to pay more. The car's mileage is only 3000 miles. What a great start! xD

So, off we go now, I hope we got a great vacation. See you, guys and gals! :D

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mahli mengatakan...

memang spam bisa masuk =))

btw, gak dirotate tu gambar, mot?

have a good trip

Ramot mengatakan...

gak sempat rotate nya, udah mau pergi itu T_T

Kunderemp mengatakan...

Hati-hati di Las Vegas. Kalau perlu, jangan tidur di sana. Jangan-jangan, pas kalian bangun, tau2 masing2 dari kalian sudah punya istri kayak Ned Flanders dan Homer Simpson di salah satu episode The Simpsons

Ramot mengatakan...

gapapa deh nar itung2 kami jomblo semua xD

kusut mengatakan...


gl hf