13 Juni 2008

You say what???

There are two particular courses that we, the MUM students, must enroll before we come into our separate special course (in my case, Computer Professionals). The course name is Science of Creative Intelligence, and Research in Consciousness that is the practical aspect of SCI. In SCI we study about an ancient science, that in all creature lies one pure consciousness (that is called creative intelligence or CI), in most condition it is blocked, and we should re-open the way to reach the pure consciousness. The only way to open it is through that so-called Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Anyway, the courses are not the things I want to share to you. Each lecture of SCI, we watch one video of Maharishi. In first videos, I see his points on making this CI thing as a science, it's like another theory of human's evolution, with a lot of researches and journals to back it up. Eventhough I don't really care about the CI, I still respect this man because he's very smart, all his talking is reasoning, with wonderful phrases in English, and good analogies to make things easier.

Well, until one particular lecture.

In this lecture, Maharishi categorize all the meditations in the world in 3 categories (well, TM of course is NOT in those 3 categories). Later on, he make a condition that a perfect meditation is a meditation that satisfy 3 things (that some of it, euh, he made himself, such as Creative Intelligence which is he who made the term). No meditation from those categories can satisfy his condition. And finally, he claimed TM is the only one meditation that can cover those 3 things, thus TM is the most effective meditation in the world.

You say WHAT????

Man, not only you make the science you bring looks like a cheap advertisement, you also act arrogantly. You should watch how he explain the "lecture", the way he laughs really underestimates other meditation technique. OMG, gue langsung ilfil liatnya ~.~

One of the mission in his agenda is world peace. And now he tries to achieve world peace by declaring his method is the most effective method in the world, and thus indirectly challenge all other meditation technique believers? Cape deeeeee ~.~

Anyway, even one of the lecturer that accompanying us told us that he wished that one video doesn't included in the SCI lecture. It's just so irritating, it made me lose all my respect towards him as a scientist and as a meditator ~.~

But anyway again, since I haven't got my SCI grade, you are forbidden to tell this to anyone or anything, just be patient until I have my grade man, it's only for few weeks eheheheheh :P But comments here are always welcomed ;)

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Anonim mengatakan...

kuliah lo jadinya nonton pelem mot?

Ramot mengatakan...

tergantung dari perspektif mana liatnya sih...
ada yang bilang kuliah ini adalah kuliah ntn pilm
ada yang bilang kuliah ini adalah waktu tidur yang sangat tepat
ada yang bilang kuliah ini adalah tempat pencucian otak
ada yang bilang kuliah ini kuliah main2an

ya tergantung perspektif masing2 lah
anyway ntar gue potoin lah wira yang kerjanya cuma tidur mulu pas video nya tampil :))