04 Februari 2005

Muse, nfs2 ost

These are the name of band and album that I'm fond of now :P They're rock!

today, incidentally, my friend told me that there's a meeting about pspo-ui (paduan suara po-ui -- po-ui choir -- po-ui is a Christian community in University of Indonesia) at someone's else house. Of course, 'cos I have nothing important, I follow the meeting, and actually this decision was right, 'cos we're not only having a meeting, we also having a party! well, not actually a party, but you know, when there are more than two bataknese meet, they will sing. absolutely. no compromise. and that's what we do, 'cos there's 5 bataknese there :P and it's very nice that the host provide bounty if foods :P argh I'm full even now :P

01 Februari 2005

It's been a long time...

since the last time i fill this blog...
i'm sorry guys, it's just i don't have time OR mood OR both to fill my blog =(