02 Maret 2007

Back to the World?

"Follow your heart, that's the best."
-- Arie

"Just do your best, let God do the rest."
-- Indy

"But hey, everyone has to pursue their dream right?"
-- Feha's comment in Adhidaz' Blog

Tiga komentar ini membuat saya tersadar kembali. It's been some time that I feel too comfort in where I am right now. It has succeeded to make me temporarily forget my target, my dream. Istilahnya, saya jadi senang dengan jalan di tempat. Gak mau maju, gak mau pilih kiri atau kanan, mundur udah gak mungkin.
Well, thank you guys n gals. It's time to get back on my track. Whether it's left or right, just as you say, dear Indy, God gives the best for me :)