25 Agustus 2009

It.... Was... Almost...

nyaris: almost, hair breadth difference, narrowly.
Have you ever being in the situation where you already wait for something/someone/some event to happen and after waiting for sometime it's not there yet and you go with disappointment. But just when you go for a minute, the thing/people/event is there, and you can do nothing and only see it/him/her from afar.

So, I was going to a local grocery store here, and then I waited for the bus to go home. According to the schedule, bus is supposed to be there every hour or so. So I wait.

And I waited.

15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes passed. Well, probably I came just after the previous bus came, so it's a tough luck but let's just wait.

And I waited.

15 Agustus 2009

Life Lessons

Hi! It's been a looooong... long time since the last time I posted that not-even-important update here lol.

Well, to answer the question of most of you guys, the reason of my hiatus was simply that I didn't have the mood to write. Of course the idea to write something interesting always come once in a while, when I was in walking to the grocery store, when I was having interview(s), when I was at the lake, etc etc but alas, once I faced Minerva, I was drowned with Restaurant City, Farm Town, Barn Buddy, Happy Farm, and the newest is Farm Ville lol xD

And moreover the rest of the time when I'm not playing that games (and having life outside, doing grocery is life), I was drowned with job applications and my current course :)

So, what makes me break my curse? It's just that I got this simple "45 life lessons that you don't learn on school" and want to post it here as my archive.

My favorite is:
"All is good in time. If you don't get it now, either you don't need it now or you don't need it at all."